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The COVID-19 pandemic will inevitably widen educational disparities. Students who lack access to quality education and materials now face added limited access to technology and instruction. Nannyland believes every child deserves the chance to thrive.  Help us provide a needed service by volunteering your time as a nanny educator or providing financial support for families that need one.


We believe in equitable access for every child and want to help allocate the resources to support that.  Do you have capacity to be of service? Please consider giving so other families can get what all children need, but some can’t afford.


Are you a teacher looking to donate your time to children in need of extra support? We need passionate Nanny Educators to help us give families that are unable to afford our services the support they need. Make a lasting impact for children in one of our service areas (California, Illinois, and Texas).

Apply today with our online form.

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