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Compare the services:

Nannyland is here to help you determine what package is best for you! Review the benefits and reach out to us for next steps.

Learning Pods
  • Nanny Educators are screened, background checked, and receive ongoing training

  • Nannyland takes care of HR needs and provides ongoing support for parents and the Nanny Educator

  • Parents make the final hiring decision

  • Two models to select from:

    • Half-day (4 hours) $1200/week

    • Full-day (7 hours) $1800/week

  • Max of 6 children per pod        


Who should consider this package?

Families who want to say YES to the Nanny Educator they choose and NO to all the HR responsibilities that come with having an employee.

Nanny Educator Referral
  • Nanny Educators are screened and background checked

  • Parent hires Nanny Educator and assumes HR responsibilities

  • Parents make the final hiring decision

  • Hours, pay, ages, capacity, etc. are flexible and determined between parent and Nanny Educator

  • Cost: one-time $250 referral fee


Who should consider this package?

Families who want to say YES to flexibility and autonomy

Nanny Educators

What is a Nanny Educator?

Not a teacher, not just a nanny, Nanny Educators give the care and attention of a nanny while providing educational support. They manage learning schedules and plan supplemental activities to engage students. Nanny Educators help parents meet a child's academic, social, emotional, and health needs.

Do Nanny Educators homeschool?

No, Nanny Educators follow the curriculum for each child's school. Nanny Educators help with homework and make sure assignments are done by their due date. They'll ensure all remote learning obligations are fulfilled, but will not be creating any curriculum or teaching it themselves. 

What are supplemental activities?

Supplemental activities can be anything from crafts, to STEAM activities, to baking pizzas for lunch! Nanny Educators will plan, organize and lead them, and parents will provide the supplies. Supplemental activities are a great way to enrich learning at home through play and hands-on activities.


Can I renew my learning pod?

Yes, we require a one-week notice to renew your pod beyond the minimum 4 weeks. Talk to your Nanny Educator to start the process!

How will I know my child is safe?

We complete a comprehensive background check for each Nanny Educator. They are CPR and first aid certified, and have prior experience working with children.

What COVID-19 safety protocols are followed?

Every family's needs and expectations are different, this is why we require that Nanny Educators have an open discussion with parents on safety protocols for both children and nannies. These discussions may include may include mask wearing or face shields in the home, use of outdoor space, changing clothes upon arrival, frequent hand washing, or social distancing measures.  As you build your pod make sure parents agree on the protocols to stay safe and minimize risk.

What about liability?

Nannyland is a company registered with the State of Texas. We are verified, bonded and insured. We require each parent to read and sign a waiver to protect your child, your rights and the staff of Nannyland.

Does a parent need to be home to supervise?

No. However, we prefer that a parent be easily accessible to Nanny Educators.

Where are you located?

Nannyland currently places Nanny Educators throughout California, Illinois, and Texas.

Have more questions?:

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