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Nanny Educator Referral

Nanny Educators care for your child and provide necessary support for remote or virtual learning. Through our educator referral service, we help you find the nanny educator that best fits your needs and you set the hours, salary, schedule, and goals for your service. 


  • You decide the requirements or specifications for your service!


We charge a flat, non-refundable fee of $250 to search for and refer your nanny educator. A separate fee is charged at the completion of the referral.

Our Referral

  • Nannyland Nanny Educators are/have completed:

    • Good fit interview

    • CPR/First Aid/AED trained

    • Criminal Background check

    • National Sex Offender Search

    • Previous childcare experience

    • Educational attainment verification

    • Employment and personal references

    • Nannyland orientation and training

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