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Our mission is simple, we aim to provide a service that will enable families to attend all events and special occasions together.
About Nannyland

Nannyland provides on-site childcare services for any occasion. Our nannies will care for children during any event in which our services are desired.

Nannyland’s services are safe and fun, providing parents with an excellent place where their children are taken care of while they attend and enjoy a scheduled event.

In today’s world, safety and convenience are highly coveted! Allow your attendees to have an unforgettable engaging experience at your event by providing on-site childcare for the little people in their lives.

Nannyland kids
Our Nannies

The safety of your children and your peace of mind is Nannyland’s number one priority. Our nannies undergo a thorough screening and training program to prepare them to provide care for your little ones. Our nannies are and have:

  • Completed good fit interview

  • CPR/First Aid/AED trained

  • Criminal Background check

  • National Sex Offender Search

  • Previous childcare experience

  • Educational attainment verification

  • Employment and personal references

  • Nannyland orientation and training

About Nannyland
Nannyland Founder Nwamaka Unaka
Nwamaka Unaka
Founder/Childcare ExtraOrdinaire (CEO)

After attending a plethora of events, Nwamaka was disappointed with the increasing number of missed opportunities to connect with colleagues, dear friends, and family members simply because they embarked on the awesome journey of parenthood. She promised herself that her wedding would be a magical day where adult could mix and mingle while their children had loads of fun at the same occasion in another room. She searched high and low for a company that could provide the professional care and fun that her passion and experience working with children knew was possible. Her search birthed Nannyland!

Nwamaka merged the two things she loves the most- children and creativity! Her passion for working with children is a trademark that all of her nannies have. Nannyland offers more than just a sitter. They provide an experience full of fun activities customized to serve the children you love.

As a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley and University of Chicago, a previous assistant principal, foster parent, coach, and licensed clinical social worker Nwamaka understands how important your child’s development is. She takes personal pride in ensuring each event is planned with care and the utmost attention to detail.

She dares you to think outside the box! Don’t miss another opportunity to allow families the option of attending an event together regardless of the occasion.

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